One’s Civic Duty: Getting called for Jury Duty

So a few weeks ago, I collected the mail and found two nearly identical envelopes, one addressed to me and one to the Maternal Unit. The county has sent out the call: Jury Duty has rolled around once more…. for BOTH of us????

Yep. BOTH of us. We both had to show up today for the beginning of the process to sit a trial jury. Easy enough…I drove, Bro’s SO found the parking lot for us that has a deal with the Judicial System in these here parts. We are told to be there for 9am. We gather in a room full of chairs, tick off answers on a survey and wait. It is way too warm in this building for me, and I am wondering if I am going to make it without losing breakfast.

At 9:30, they actually begin orientation, and herd us up to the courtroom at 9:45. I did ask if there hadn’t been a mix up: mother/daughter called at same time from the same address. Not as far as the Matron knew. Okay, up we go.

The courtroom is warmer than the lobby was. Joy. I am coming to the conclusion I am allergic to this fine judicial building with it’s absolutely stunning staircase. At one point, just before our lunch break,, I scared both Mom and the guy sitting in front of us, because I couldn’t get my breath.

So, from the first 14, they got 5. Mom and I were both called in the second 15, and we were snickering. Answered questions on various things. Then the judge asked if anyone knew any of the 5 picked already, or each other… and Mom and I pointed across the front row of the juror’s box at each other and said “Mother/daughter tag team!” The look on the judge’s face was cute. We totally floored him, the attorneys for the defence, and the team for the prosecution. It had apparently NEVER happened before. We were each asked privately if we could follow the judge’s orders and NOT talk about the case until it was into deliberation. Dude, we live in the SAME house, we are MOTHER and DAUGHTER. No, we can’t make you that promise, and neither of us are gonna lie and tell you will can.

Mutual agreement: We were both dismissed. Our duty is done for another 6 years. So we headed home (Had to stop and get coolant and windshield fluid) I was gonna take a nap, since I only slept about 2 hours last night. Didn’t happen.

I am SO looking forward to going to work tomorrow, where I will be busy and productive, and if Mom and I were scheduled for the same shift, it wouldn’t matter a damn.

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I am a wife.mother, writer, cashier (hey, it helps pay the bills), Pagan who sometimes thinks too much. A jackie of all trades and mistress of none
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5 Responses to One’s Civic Duty: Getting called for Jury Duty

  1. LAMarcom says:

    I got called into the jury selection process only once. Couldn’t really afford the time off work. When I arrived and discovered that there were no less than one hundred ‘potentials’ I figured I was safe, since they were picking for just one trial. (I always take a look at the odds, being a gambler sort of guy) Au contraire. I got selected along with a woman I had known in college. What are the odds? Apparently I had the same luck I seem to always have in Las Vegas: BAD. Worse, I was selected foreman. I had no, zip, nada experience. Trial took three days. (It was felony assault: man on a woman) We gave the bastard twenty years. (he WAS guilty as sin). I lost three days pay, but actually felt good for ‘doing my civics.)
    Great post.

    • I remember my days on the Grand Jury. We didn’t have to decide who did it, just of it had been done, and was the defendant a possibility. We heard about 4 cases a week for 6 months. In all that time, there was only ONE case we refused to pass down the indictments the Assistant DA wanted. She later asked if we thought the “victim” was not a good witness…and we all told her the story SHE (ADA) presented to us was full of holes and didn’t tally with the physical evidence. She got a bit huffy over that….

  2. LAMarcom says:

    Six Months?! I would lose my mind.

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