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Enough, please

So far this day, I have had two pieces of toast, a coke, done my shopping, had a stress-attack…. For the last two years, I have been driving Mom’s car, because I can’t afford to get one of my own. … Continue reading

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Walls, Dreamers, Sanctity of Life, Shutdowns….

…and it all comes down to ELECTED officials not listening to the people they are supposed to represent. Let’s talk about the Wall, shall we? It isn’t a new idea, building a wall to “protect” a border. It’s been done … Continue reading


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It Doesn’t Rain, It Snows

Almost a week with no internet. This time, we were all down. Hubs amused himself watching episodes of ANDROMEDA. The Kidling and I watched a lot of television since Friday last: SAY YES TO THE DRESS, SUPERNATURAL, and BONES, mostly. … Continue reading

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Stream of Thought

Barren landscape; bleak, empty, unforgiving No warmth, no hope, no joy Sorrow like snow, piled high and drifted Against the walls of the soul; Chilling, draining, slowly sapping Leaving an empty husk.

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