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So, I was poking around my  pages, and I notice I have 120 followers. Wow, cool….but… what brought these people in to my page? And why are so many in the last three months from Outlook? So, maybe some of … Continue reading

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Oh Boy. Changes!

So I was without my computer for nearly two months…. then I lost all my links and passwords and stuff…And now I finally get back here, and NOTHING looks the same. I guess I will have to learn the new … Continue reading

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Social Media

Ah, the Internet. Let’s us ‘travel’ around the world, connect with far-flung friends and family cheaper than phones and just as fast. A great way to make new friends with common interests…. What I still haven’t quite figured out is … Continue reading


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Scam Calls and the Do Not Call registry

The Do Not Call registry works, to a point. LEGITIMATE call centers adhere to it’s rules. Scam artists, or want to be scam artists, are another matter entirely. Usually, if I don’t recognise a number, or no name comes up … Continue reading

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This week, the Kidling is on break. No school. We didn’t have to get up early. Only, my phone rang at a little after 7am on a Monday morning, while I was still dreaming about…. never mind, you get the … Continue reading

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Saying Good-Bye to Childhood

Mom and I belong to the local Neighborhood Watch. It’s a good organization, and can really help clean up problems and keep trouble out. Near our house is an area we have always called Sherwood. Part of it belonged to … Continue reading

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Duck Dynasty, Homosexuality and Free Speech FOR ALL

And once again, the media and hate mongers have targeted a well-known figure, blowing comments made by a PRIVATE CITIZEN totally out of proportion for their own agendas. Phil Robertson and his entire family are southern Christians. I don’t know … Continue reading

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Email Scams…or How DUMB do you really think I am??

We all get them: the tearfully pathetic attempts by foreigners to scam us out of money by promising us even more. And when I say pathetic… boy, do I mean PATHETIC! Here’s the latest to show up in my inbox: … Continue reading

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(Choir: Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! Lovely Spam! Lovely Spam!) {Thank you, Monty Python!} The spam I am talking about, however, has nothing to do with the Monty Python skit. It is the unsolicited, often bizarre collection of junk e-mail and “Plz add … Continue reading

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