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Guardian Angel Working Over-Time

Seven hours later, and I still get shaky thinking about it. On my way to work about 10:30 this morning, I was heading into an intersection a few blocks from my house. I had the green light. Something told me … Continue reading

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Sometimes, You Need To Go With Your Gut

Nick wants to try goat’s milk, to see if it’s easier on his stomach than cow’s milk. He found one place in the area that sells it, so he made arrangements to go today and pick some up.  We got … Continue reading

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Haunted House

Let me start this by saying I do NOT believe every ghost story out there is valid. BUT I do believe in “ghosts”. I believe in three types of haunting: 1} Psychic Recorder… this is when an event or events … Continue reading

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Things That Go “BUMP” in the Night

I don’t know what anyone else thinks of ghosts, the Wee Folk, Brownies, Goblins and the like…Me, I have seen/heard/been through too much to dismiss them just because current levels of science say they don’t exist. FORTUNATELY, most of my … Continue reading

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