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Why do I try?

Last year, the Kidling was a Weeping Angel for the school haunted house. This year, she wanted to be Medusa. What in all the Seven Hells possessed me to agree to that? I don’t have the money for fancy costumes… … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Halloween

It’s coming. Ghosts and ghouls and witches and black cats….. At the end of every September since I was in high school, a special Halloween store has opened at Colonie Center. Last year, it is where we got the make-up … Continue reading

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Weddings, Funerals, and Milestone Birthdays

When I was young, Dad worked 40 hours a week, Mom worked for the school district, my grandfather was retired, and my grandmother sometimes worked part-time cleaning the rectory across the road from their home. Most weekends in the summer, … Continue reading

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