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A Call To Reporters

You, the Information Sharers; the Investigators; our source of current event knowledge. We rely on you for the FACTS, in print, in audio, in video. Once, it seemed all the best reporters honed their literary skills, their vocabulary acumen. The … Continue reading

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Modern “Manners” a Misnomer?

I work with the public. I deal with all sorts of people: interesting, boring, aggressive, sweet, surly, needy, independent, aggravating, fun, nerdy, emo, intelligent, stupid, caring, egotistical….. and I deal with them at all ages, from cradle to the grave. … Continue reading


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Language: Slang, Vernacular, Generational Differences

Every generation has its own vernacular, its own slang. Sometimes, it is completely different from one generation to the next. Sometimes, some terms over-lap. Sometimes, a term drops out of sight for a generation or two, only to pop back … Continue reading

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