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HOME! And WITHOUT going postal on someone…

I am, by paid profession, a cashier in a grocery store. It allows me (usually) the flexibility in schedule I require to raise the Kidling and help the Maternal Unit. A few months ago, we had a massive revamp which … Continue reading

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New York State Taxes … A Crime

Two months ago, I got a notification from the State of New York Taxation Department that hubs and I owed money from 4 years ago. Distinct possibility, since the agency Nick had been with was rather late getting the W2s … Continue reading

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Waiting in the Rain

So, the maternal unit is having surgery on her foot. I took the day off, so I could get her to the hospital and pick her up later. (It’s out-patient) But I could NOT hang around there all day. Just … Continue reading

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And…. it’s SUMMER!

Which means busy weekends starting today! First stop, Holy Trinity for their garage sale (held in the old school) I do have to love the way they set it up: each room holds a different category of offerings. Mom got … Continue reading

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Busy Weekend

Sometimes, the Kidling and I sleep late on the weekends. That wasn’t an option this weekend. Yesterday, we did a two hour volunteer stint at the high school for NYSSMA. Watching all those kids going in nervous and coming out … Continue reading

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