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Madhouse, Maze, Monster Motorists, Missing Musicals, and Questionable Guilty Pleas

The store where I work is getting a major upgrade and face-lift, inside and out. You would think, with all that construction going on, people would pay more attention where they are driving/parking/walking. We have two zebra crossings in front … Continue reading

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Mish Mash from the Weekend

This time of year is so fantastic in my opinion. We started out September with the Schaghticoke Fair, at the Tugboat Round-Up…and this year, Kidling starting High School. The Harvest Fest at the Menands Farmer’s Market. Getting established in things … Continue reading

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ap·a·thy (p-th) n. 1. Lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal; indifference. 2. Lack of emotion or feeling; impassiveness. I think most people feel apathetic about some things. Some people feel apathy in general … Continue reading

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Email Scams…or How DUMB do you really think I am??

We all get them: the tearfully pathetic attempts by foreigners to scam us out of money by promising us even more. And when I say pathetic… boy, do I mean PATHETIC! Here’s the latest to show up in my inbox: … Continue reading

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Another New School Year

Schaghticoke Fair is over, there are lots of yellow buses hitting the roads, and Labor Day is past. That all means the new school year is beginning. Stacks of notebooks and new pens…. no crayons anymore. Not for high school… … Continue reading

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