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Refund Time

I don’t wait, when I know we are getting money back. As soon as the W2s are in my hot little hands, I am filling out the paperwork and sending off the claims. Each year, we get one large purchase. … Continue reading

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Prom Dress Season: Mission Accomplished

I would like to thank Meriah’s friend Alexis for suggesting FANCY SCHMANCY     as a place to look for a prom gown. When dealing with a plus-sized teen, dress shopping can be heart-breaking. Not today, it wasn’t. It almost … Continue reading

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Life Immitating Art?

So, I am currently reading “Chain of Command” by Casper Weingberger and Peter Schweizer. It came out in 2005. I won’t say anything about the story line. Read it yourself. What scares the bejeuz out of me is the fact … Continue reading

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February 17, 2017

The world is going crazy certifiably insane Greed and evil on the increase Common Sense is on the wane. There’s a man abusing power Setting demons up as demi-gods I’m losing faith this world of ours Can survive long against … Continue reading

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