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I am still having problems with headaches and the shakes because I haven’t had any nicotine since Friday. The Kidling asked me to set the alarm for 5am this morning. She got up, I stayed in bed. I basically stayed … Continue reading

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I sometimes think everyone on the planet has some form of addiction. They aren’t all harmful, but they are all hard to escape, and impact day to day life. Strike non-harmful… addictions can mess up relationships even if they don’t … Continue reading

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Another Near-Miss

What happens when you mix a sore throat, earache, a teen’s potentially disastrous “mistake”, lack of nicotine, a duck that doesn’t cook properly, and assorted other issues? Melt-down. I have today slammed the phone down on my husband, screamed non-stop … Continue reading

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Shutdowns and Showdowns

What does a government shutdown actually accomplish? What does it mean to those who order it? I’ll answer the second one first:NOT A DAMN THING It isn’t their jobs, families, or lives they are playing Russian Roulette with. They are … Continue reading

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