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The End of June

Yesterday, I got to tease my brother a bit. Not only have he and M. now got chickens, yesterday was R.’s graduation. My brother, who never planned on having to deal with a high school graduation after his own, not … Continue reading

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On Turning Cartoons and Comics into Movies

On the FB GI JOE Discussion page, we got into a conversation about something Channing Tatum said about Rise of Cobra, the live-action movie about GI Joe… a movie most long-term, diehard Joe fans hold in varying degrees of disdain. … Continue reading

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Review: GI Joe EXTREME

So, I decided to try giving EXTREME another chance. These are SO not “My Joes”. I stand by what I said about the animation style way back. {¬† } And the rather blatant rip-offs of other properties. That said, so … Continue reading

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Collecting Obsessions

Just a bit of an update from my post about my Hawk obsession. You will see I’ve changed the top pic to one of all my current Hawks together. This is not how I generally display them. Three are displayed … Continue reading

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Social Media

Ah, the Internet. Let’s us ‘travel’ around the world, connect with far-flung friends and family cheaper than phones and just as fast. A great way to make new friends with common interests…. What I still haven’t quite figured out is … Continue reading

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