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Learning the Hard Way

Figured something out today I should have known. Once you start to wean your body off foods you KNOW aren’t good for it, don’t ever go back! I can do a burger and fries at Red Robin, Applebees, and Johnny … Continue reading

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Christmas 2020 … a rant

I didn’t want a tree this year. I’ve been telling my mother since October I didn’t plan to put up a Christmas tree this year. For the first time in 21 years, my daughter won’t be with me for the … Continue reading

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Veterans Day

I remember once upon a time that everything STOPPED at 11am on November 11th. Even in the shops, we all paused and bowed our heads in honor of those who served. Not anymore. Had I tried this morning, I’d have … Continue reading

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Doing Something Right

Doctor’s appointment today. Just my every-three-month check on my blood pressure and diabetes. I was curious how well the weight loss is going. I lost 30 pounds in the last three months! For the first time in over twenty years, … Continue reading

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What A Week!

Sometimes, “upgrades” don’t feel like an improvement, and Mother Nature throws curve balls. On Monday night, we got new software for the registers. The changes are most noticeable on the EZ Scans, because we aren’t supposed to use the Attendant’s … Continue reading

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The Spooky Season begins. And such a beginning! I have lived in this house for the majority of the last 50 years. We have had squirrels and birds in the attic; mice; snakes in the basement; skunks and possums rooting … Continue reading

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Further Adventures of A and J (Grafton Lakes 27 September 2020)

With everything that did NOT happen this summer, (Canal Fest, Steamboat Rally, Tugboat Roundup,etc etc) I REALLY needed to get away from the city, from the people, and go somewhere green and at least a little wild. I didn’t have … Continue reading

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September 28, 2020

Today, Nick is 57. Daddy would have been 81. I hate not being able to spend time with either of them. I wasn’t really planning to go out for long today. Neither Mom or I needed to shop, so I … Continue reading

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Personal Changes

  When I started doing the yard work at the beginning of this summer, I knew I had to do it. There really wasn’t anyone else. When I finished one task… just ONE, be it the mowing, the edging, the … Continue reading

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July and Still Crazy

I am over-heated, disgusted, depressed, aggravated, sore, and stressed. I miss my husband and daughter. I miss having places to go and things to do that are fun. I need a vacation… someplace cool and green and shady, with either … Continue reading

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