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Jaunary 31, 2017

It’s rare when I can’t come up with some bit o’ fluff ramble; some light daydream to scribble down. This weekend, I couldn’t do it. I could barely write a blog post. I’ve been depressed, distressed, and disgusted the past … Continue reading

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So, to get away from the nightmare of the first week of the new President, the Kidling and I are watching the Miss Universe Pageant. (Shut it. I KNOW the Lunatic Orange has ties to it. I chose to ignore … Continue reading

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Prom Dress Season

It’s that time of year when teen aged girls look for their perfect prom dress. It can be fun….but it can also be terribly stressful. The Kidling will be 18 in three weeks. She is a Senior this year, and … Continue reading

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