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I am NOT “Them” or “Us”…

I am ME. I have opinions about most things. Some of my friends can’t understand where some of my opinions come from. They think they conflict with each other. I am PRO CHOICE. I don’t like the idea of abortion … Continue reading

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Land of the Free?

Not these days. TheĀ ConstitutionĀ is being shredded, not from without, but from within. By our own, elected lawmakers and “representatives”. Yeah, that is in quotes, because most of these jokers seem only interested in representing their own interests, not mine or … Continue reading

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Food Shows, Celeb contestants and Charities

I love watching some of the food shows out these days. Watching the creation of cakes straight out of fantasy, cupcakes to dream of, meals that work for family groups or larger… sometimes watching the competitions can be a riot, … Continue reading

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Flu Season and other Ickies

The annual Flu season has begun, early and hard. Doctors are touting getting the flu shot. Fine, for those of you who can. I get deathly ill from such, so I haven’t had one in thirty years. I don’t have … Continue reading

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Welcome 2013

The first day of the New Year… or Turn’s End, in Pernese lingo… and it wasn’t a bad start. Mom is home and doing MUCH better… although a good chunk of Friday may remain a blank to her. Tomorrow, I … Continue reading

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