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One’s Civic Duty: Getting called for Jury Duty

So a few weeks ago, I collected the mail and found two nearly identical envelopes, one addressed to me and one to the Maternal Unit. The county has sent out the call: Jury Duty has rolled around once more…. for … Continue reading

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Valentine: Spam, Blizzards and the Olympics

Yeah, maybe a little all over the board today. I’ve been lazy/busy with real life, and not devoting the attention to this blog that I maybe should. So, where to start? The end of an Olympic era. I LOVELOVELOVE watching … Continue reading

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Animal Rights vs Animal Nuts

I love animals. Pets are important, and taking care of them properly is something worth advocating for. There are a lot of cruel, sick people who should never be allowed to own an ant farm, let alone anything bigger. I … Continue reading

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