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Easter Food Polish Style

Okay, as a Pagan, the Equinox is more important to me than Easter. But I did grow up in a Polish/Irish Catholic home. From the Irish side, I got music and legends and belief in the Unseen. From the Polish … Continue reading

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The Joys of Cooking with Left-overs

Love being able to cook big meals two or three days a week, then having quick, easy to put together meals on other days. Monday, we had a whole roast chicken, asparagus, mashed potatoes, gravy….. the left-over chicken, asparagus and … Continue reading

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Living With a Horse & Musical Crazy Teen

My daughter is fourteen. There are two things in her life that have been a constant: Her love of horses, and her love of classical musicals… the top of which list is LES MISERABLES. You might think these obsessions would … Continue reading

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A Good Day

Started off with a trip out to Galway for a PSC Alumni Pancake Breakfast…. and this year, there were actually a few of MY generation alums there. It was great seeing them, even briefly. Then it was back to the … Continue reading

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One of the blogs I follow, HarsH ReaLiTy, is written by Opinionated Man… a Korean-born gent about ten years younger than I am, who was adopted young by a Caucasian couple here in the States. Sometimes, he’s caustic, and I … Continue reading

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Excuse You!

To all the drivers out there, especially those in smaller cars….kindly DO NOT pull out of a side road/ on-ramp/ parking lot unless I am at least four car lengths away from you. One of these days, I may not … Continue reading

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Some older poetry

And when the wandering armies Homeward finally turn What shall they find awaits them Where the home fires burn? Shall they be hailed as heroes These warriors dark and dread With feasts set out to greet them And rites honoring … Continue reading

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