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They Are Attacking My Childhood!

Last night, there was a movie on …. “The Banana Splits Movie”…. only it was NOT the Banana Splits I recall and loved as a child. This was a horror movie about a slasher who dressed in one of the … Continue reading

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Today just seemed to be one of those days that makes me question how the hell the human race has survived this long, and if it is possible for us to continue to survive. I was on express check out … Continue reading

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Rainy Days and Sundays

Okay, so this afternoon is both. I was/am sorta antsy, so Mom and I took a walk…and of course, it was starting to rain when we walked out the door. I needed to get out. She just went to keep … Continue reading

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The Further Adventures of Annie and Mom

It has always happened: if Mom and I had to go more than a county away, we would go awry at some point, Always managed to get to our destination, but…. later than planned and somewhat stressed out. That hasn’t … Continue reading

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