Monthly Archives: November 2016

Musical Influences

So, the other day at work, something happened that got me thinking about the music that has influenced my life, and the people in my life who have influenced my taste in music. I had said something about watching “South … Continue reading

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Is something in Retrograde today?

So, this morning started with a loud BAM! and the house shaking a bit. Need to wait on the evening news, maybe, to get a clue about THAT. I drop the Kidling off at school, and head up the hill … Continue reading

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Achey Breaky Body

Oh lords of light, how I ache! Some of it, I get. Some of it, I don’t know what the hell I did. My right side, from my hip to my knee, doesn’t want to play nice with the rest … Continue reading

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Veteran’s Day 2016

Yeah, I’m a day early. Blame it on Cohoes High School. And the Middle School.. Or at least the band and choruses. Last year, my daughter had a thought about a patriotic concert in honor of vets. It didn’t happen. … Continue reading

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