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Pig Roasts, Dreams, Writing and Men in Uniform

Yeah, okay; I get it. That covers a LOT of territory, and most of it doesn’t seem to over-lap much. What can I say? It’s been that kind of a weekend. Well, yesterday was one of those dreamy days..sorta. Parts … Continue reading

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A Further Descent Into Madness

MH-17, shot down over war-torn Ukraine. It doesn’t matter WHO shot, it should NOT have happened. And some of the pictures now showing up are disgusting. Not because they show bodies or debris or personal belongings strewn all over the … Continue reading

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SO this week sees the end of our latest Fitness Challenge at work; new glasses for the Kidling; Doctors appointments for both me and the Parental Unit; gardening; fan fics by both me and the Kidling. Monday was my doctor’s … Continue reading

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So, a few weeks ago, the Maternal Unit had her right foot operated on. Same reason she had the left one done a year or two ago: Not only to scrape out the arthritic build up, but to take out … Continue reading

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