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Further Adventures of A and J (Grafton Lakes 27 September 2020)

With everything that did NOT happen this summer, (Canal Fest, Steamboat Rally, Tugboat Roundup,etc etc) I REALLY needed to get away from the city, from the people, and go somewhere green and at least a little wild. I didn’t have … Continue reading

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Guardian Angel Working Over-Time

Seven hours later, and I still get shaky thinking about it. On my way to work about 10:30 this morning, I was heading into an intersection a few blocks from my house. I had the green light. Something told me … Continue reading

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Traffic Jam!

Traffic through my home town has really increased over the years.  Saratoga Street, Columbia, and Ontario used to be the worse. They still are, but 787 beats them all these days. And certain intersections are worse today than they were … Continue reading

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