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A Commentary on the Rise and Fall of Paganism In Relation to the Wheel of the Year (Usually the School Year)

I originally wrote this a few years ago for an on-line message board I am on constantly. It’s that time of year again, so I decided to edit it a bit and put it here. PLEASE TO NOT OFFER TO … Continue reading

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I’m Tired

I am tired of nagging my daughter to take care of her things. I am tired of missing my husband. I am tire of struggling to make ends meet when I get less than 20 hours a week in a … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

Two days of the year, if I can at all possibly get there, I spend at the Saratoga National Cemetery (Also known as the Gerald Solomon National Cemetery) . Veterans Days and Memorial Day. I try to go up a … Continue reading

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A Rant About the English Language…or what passes as such

I really worry about the future of the spoken word… “Axes” instead of “asks”; dropping small words; messing up tenses and such… Do you really think you sound intelligent speaking in such a manner? I recently listened to an interview … Continue reading

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It has to stop ¬† I have tried for years to believe that not all Muslims are extremists. I can no longer believe that. I don’t want to take the chance of losing family and friends going about their own business in the … Continue reading

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TV Tricks: Cliffhangers and Two-Parters

I really don’t watch all that much television anymore. I am so less than impressed by most of the offerings out there. Local news, Wheel of Fortune,¬†Jeopardy, and a few prime time favorites… The past two weeks have seen the … Continue reading

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Right To Die

Vermont is on the brink of passing the Right To Die legislation. Of course, this is causing a lot of commentary on both sides. While some of the people against it may have a valid point about possible abuse, there … Continue reading

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