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So, I was poking around my¬† pages, and I notice I have 120 followers. Wow, cool….but… what brought these people in to my page? And why are so many in the last three months from Outlook? So, maybe some of … Continue reading

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Bright sunshine, bouncing Into black shadow Ready and rearing to go Curl up into dreams of what-if and Never-was and Never-will-be   Brittle facades, patterned To hide the cracks Rote answers Deny deeper truths Falling, falling And fading  

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Stream of Thought

Barren landscape; bleak, empty, unforgiving No warmth, no hope, no joy Sorrow like snow, piled high and drifted Against the walls of the soul; Chilling, draining, slowly sapping Leaving an empty husk.

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Adventures in Fan Fiction Writing

Picture, if you will, a female medic who is 5’2″. She has a nice big orderlie to help her get two tall, well-muscled Joes from beds to wheelchairs. Said Joes have already tried getting out of bed on their own, … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Blues

I like winter. If I didn’t, I would have looked south after college, or I’d tell hubs we could relocate. I need the completion of four separate seasons. I like snow. That all being said, I do NOT like how … Continue reading

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Plot Bunnies

I have my favorite “universes” for writing. Some are my own creation, and some, I borrow from pop culture. I don’t make any money on the second group, although I live in hope for the first set. Current plot bunny … Continue reading

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