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So, to get away from the nightmare of the first week of the new President, the Kidling and I are watching the Miss Universe Pageant. (Shut it. I KNOW the Lunatic Orange has ties to it. I chose to ignore … Continue reading

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Is something in Retrograde today?

So, this morning started with a loud BAM! and the house shaking a bit. Need to wait on the evening news, maybe, to get a clue about THAT. I drop the Kidling off at school, and head up the hill … Continue reading

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Why do I try?

Last year, the Kidling was a Weeping Angel for the school haunted house. This year, she wanted to be Medusa. What in all the Seven Hells possessed me to agree to that? I don’t have the money for fancy costumes… … Continue reading

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Sometimes, Being a Cashier Is NOT Fun

Most of my regular customers are great people. They are our neighbors, the families of friends and co-workers, co-workers themselves. We chat, we debate, we laugh, and sometimes we cry together. Today….today, I had a pair of the RUDEST people. … Continue reading

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Comedy of Errors…but NOT all that funny

The Kidling had this past week off school. You’d think we’d have gotten things done around here. Nope. She was sick most of the week, I have been feeling off since Wednesday night. Today, we were supposed to clean off … Continue reading

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“G.I. Joe Repair Shop” Owner Hopes His Business Will Help Revitalize “Empty” Downtown of Lone Wolf, Oklahoma———Daughter Paints G.I. Joe Murals

Originally posted on The Joe Report:
The Last Place You’d Expect to Find a G.I. Joe Museum— If you don’t take your foot off the pedal, it’s all too easy to zip right through the small town of Lone Wolf, OK,…

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On Turning Cartoons and Comics into Movies

On the FB GI JOE Discussion page, we got into a conversation about something Channing Tatum said about Rise of Cobra, the live-action movie about GI Joe… a movie most long-term, diehard Joe fans hold in varying degrees of disdain. … Continue reading

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