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Oscar Fashions

WHYWHYWHY do beautiful women think necklines to their belly buttons or see-through materials are so glamorous? Seriously, there was one dress this year you could basically see the woman’s vagina. I don’t want to see that, I don’t want the … Continue reading

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Comedy of Errors…but NOT all that funny

The Kidling had this past week off school. You’d think we’d have gotten things done around here. Nope. She was sick most of the week, I have been feeling off since Wednesday night. Today, we were supposed to clean off … Continue reading

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Mondays STINK

Yet another Monday morning, and all hell has broken loose in this house yet again. Point one: I had trouble getting up. The alarm went off, and I wanted to throw the clock out a window. Point two: Kidling, who … Continue reading

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