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Review: GI Joe Rise of Cobra

So, to have them in the family Joe collection, I picked up Rise of Cobra and Retaliation this morning. When I got home, daughter and I popped RoC into the VCR to watch it completely for the first time. Keep … Continue reading

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Adventures in Fan Fiction Writing

Picture, if you will, a female medic who is 5’2″. She has a nice big orderlie to help her get two tall, well-muscled Joes from beds to wheelchairs. Said Joes have already tried getting out of bed on their own, … Continue reading

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When I start Over-Thinking…

There are times when I space out, and start making…unusual connections… Mostly on topics that may mean nothing to anyone else. Case in point this morning, while Kidling and I were dealing with mild food poisoning (Okay, so we still … Continue reading

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Can I Quit yet?

Today has not started off well, and it isn’t 10am yet. Seriously. Woke up with a migraine on tap again. Daughter couldn’t find her lanyard, which means she doesn’t have her keys or bus pass. My car still will not … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Blues

I like winter. If I didn’t, I would have looked south after college, or I’d tell hubs we could relocate. I need the completion of four separate seasons. I like snow. That all being said, I do NOT like how … Continue reading

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A New Job Opportunity?

Well, actually, no. But I did have fun with it, even though it was bloody COLD outside today! A friend of mine is involved with the local film industry. I meet some interesting and talented people around Phil. Last week, … Continue reading

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Plot Bunnies

I have my favorite “universes” for writing. Some are my own creation, and some, I borrow from pop culture. I don’t make any money on the second group, although I live in hope for the first set. Current plot bunny … Continue reading

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Welcome to 2015

I debated writing a post on New Year’s Eve, but to be honest, I was too wiped out. New Year’s Day, I worked, then came home to watch the Rose Parade, which I taped so I wouldn’t miss it. I … Continue reading

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