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Mice and Cardinals

Lately, I have been trying to figure out why there are mice in this house. They aren’t getting into the food…. there is no evidence they’re even trying. The only things we’ve found chewed on were some bags of papers … Continue reading

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Christmas: Traditions, Trending, Food, Drink, Gifts …. and Controversy?

Only a week left for most people before Christmas. (Russian Orthodox, what my Polish family members always called “Little Christmas”, is January 7th,) I am not done with my shopping, I haven’t done ANY baking yet, and we still need … Continue reading


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A Commentary on the Rise and Fall of Paganism In Relation to the Wheel of the Year (Usually the School Year)

I originally wrote this a few years ago for an on-line message board I am on constantly. It’s that time of year again, so I decided to edit it a bit and put it here. PLEASE TO NOT OFFER TO … Continue reading

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Challenges, Christmas, Changes

Christmas Eve, 24 December 2012. The gauntlet has been cast down, and accepted: Blog every day for at least a week. I’ll give it a try. Why not?  Christmas Eve: There is a pitiful small pile of gifts under our … Continue reading

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The Dark Season

‘Tis the season of Lights… Christmas lights, the candles of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, the bonfires of Yule… the traditions the grew out of holding back the dark and summoning back the sun. In modern times, a frenzied, stressed-out period of time most … Continue reading

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Sandy, Samhain, and all the Rest

Sandy, Samhain, and all the Rest.

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SAMHAIN (sow-in)

“On the day of the dead, when the year too dies…” (Susann Cooper; The Grey King; part of The Dark Is Rising series) Think you know about Samhain, which some people call Halloween? If you’ve researched the net, read a … Continue reading

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October- Month of Mindless Masses

October- Month of Mindless Masses.

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October- Month of Mindless Masses

Yeah, it’s October. The time of year when all the movies about monsters, magic, and misunderstood concepts are all over the television. The serious Pagan boards on the web will be over-run with “Playgans”…those who see a movie or read … Continue reading

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Things That Go “BUMP” in the Night

I don’t know what anyone else thinks of ghosts, the Wee Folk, Brownies, Goblins and the like…Me, I have seen/heard/been through too much to dismiss them just because current levels of science say they don’t exist. FORTUNATELY, most of my … Continue reading

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