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December in my Childhood

December in my childhood… is it just changed memory? I remember snow. Usually by my birthday. Definitely for Christmas. I remember tobogganing: down the hill by the grade school, down the hill in front of my grandparents’ home, down the … Continue reading

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The Bitch Before Christmas

I used to love this season. I keep telling myself I still do. But it is hard to keep smiling and being happy when it seems everything is piling up against me and mine. Or I am just short-tempered for … Continue reading

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Duck Dynasty, Homosexuality and Free Speech FOR ALL

And once again, the media and hate mongers have targeted a well-known figure, blowing comments made by a PRIVATE CITIZEN totally out of proportion for their own agendas. Phil Robertson and his entire family are southern Christians. I don’t know … Continue reading

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Christmas: Traditions, Trending, Food, Drink, Gifts …. and Controversy?

Only a week left for most people before Christmas. (Russian Orthodox, what my Polish family members always called “Little Christmas”, is January 7th,) I am not done with my shopping, I haven’t done ANY baking yet, and we still need … Continue reading

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This Time of Year

Thanksgiving is done with, and the left-overs have been devoured. Those of my friends of the Jewish persuasion have celebrated Chanukah. The final push toward Christmas, Yule, Kwanzaa and New Years is now on. My Christmas Village is out, the … Continue reading

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