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Good Food for Busy, Rainy Days

Okay, good food for ANY day. Since I had to work until 5pm tonight, I prepped a big pot of chili last night, tossed it into the crockpot this morning, and let it simmer all day long. There’s a secret … Continue reading

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I wonder how many actually pay attention to the spam that hits the filters here at WordPress, or on our various email servers. Sometimes, for giggles, I read the titles or the letters…I do NOT, EVER click on the links. … Continue reading

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REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE and Find Alternatives

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…. Sounds like a tired old saw, doesn’t it? And so many people do the recycle bit now, don’t they? Do they? Even when municipalities have recycling programs, there are people who are too lazy to sort stuff … Continue reading

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There is nothing really constant about life. It is a series of changes both large and small, positive and negative, and even some neutral. They may be chosen by you, or for you, or just happen randomly. Take a look … Continue reading

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Autumn Progression

The change is in the air: mornings are a little nippy, the sky is that perfect shade of blue you don’t see in the summer heat. Leaves are starting to change, especially at higher elevations. Today, we went out to … Continue reading

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Things That Go “BUMP” in the Night

I don’t know what anyone else thinks of ghosts, the Wee Folk, Brownies, Goblins and the like…Me, I have seen/heard/been through too much to dismiss them just because current levels of science say they don’t exist. FORTUNATELY, most of my … Continue reading

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Politics Again

September 8, 2012 I GET it is an election year, and everyone wants to get their message heard. I get that we need to be informed. I am just sick of sitting down to eat or watch a favorite show, … Continue reading

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I know a lot of places have been back in session for a week or two already, but our kids went back to classes today. The first day of eighth grade for my girl. She was up on time, no … Continue reading

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One of the best things about the end of the summer, to me, has always been the Schaghticoke Fair ( I love county fairs, period. The Schaghticoke Fair is the third oldest in New York State, and in 48 years, … Continue reading

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