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A Call To Reporters

You, the Information Sharers; the Investigators; our source of current event knowledge. We rely on you for the FACTS, in print, in audio, in video. Once, it seemed all the best reporters honed their literary skills, their vocabulary acumen. The … Continue reading

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Song Sung Blue

Yeah, everyone gets the blues now and then. Most of us have methods of coping that get us back on the “right” track before long and with minimal side affects. But what about those times when the depression threatens to … Continue reading

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September 19, 2016

Doctor’s appointment today. Just my quarterly check on the BP, weight, lungs. I have, I believe, actually lost weight over the summer. Not much, and it followed a period where I had ballooned up again, so right now I am … Continue reading

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The Soundtrack of Our Lives

From the lullabies sung over our infant selves, to the songs bidding farewell to our caskets, music is a part of our lives, even if most of it seems unconscious and random. Music can invoke strong emotions, influence moods, recall … Continue reading

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Waterford Tugboat Roundup

And another family tradition in the can for this year! The annual Tugboat Roundup at Lock 2 in Waterford, NY, is always a good day. I swear there were more boats this year than last. We missed the Farmer’s Market … Continue reading

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Okay, so the first day of SENIOR year is done with..the Kidling has a list of things she needs. Fortunately, we had guessed at some of them, so I don’t have too much left to get her. This past weekend … Continue reading

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Schaghticoke Fair 2016

Another great day at the fair! In the last thirty-five years, I have missed maybe six Schaghticoke Fairs. Some years with friends, mostly with family, and never much time on the midway…I love the displays and foods and sounds and … Continue reading

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