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Uncredited Cameos and Interrupted Naps

My daughter loves the NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM movies, so when I saw the 3rd one on sale, I grabbed it. I haven’t been feeling great lately, and sleeping for longer than half an hour seems elusive, so while she popped … Continue reading

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It Might be Funny LATER

I already posted how I have to take my Ely, the Bravada, off the road. So, right now, I am sharing Mom’s Angel, the Pathfinder. Angel has a few quirks of her own that I need to keep in mind. … Continue reading

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R.I.P. ElyBelle

Well, it’s official. ElyBelle is not going to pass inspection without major work, and at 18 years old….the work would cost more than she is worth. I am heartbroken. I love my Bravada. I like the way she handles most … Continue reading

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Car Woes

There are times I really hate having to rely on a car. This is one of those times. The past six WEEKS have been one of those times. My inspection was due in March. I took it in on a … Continue reading

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