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This is expanded from a FaceBook post: Okay, I am not sure what the US is doing even sticking their noses into what is happening in Crimea right now. It isn’t really part of Ukraine… it has been held by … Continue reading

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Enough Already!

I’m a gal who loves living where I can enjoy all four seasons. That said, even I’ve had enough winter for one session. Mainly because last night was all about ICE, not snow, and WIND. It sounded like it was … Continue reading

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Banning Words

Banning books has been going on since the start of the written word. A book doesn’t match your views or beliefs? BAN IT! I don’t agree with that. Parents can control what young children read, and adults should be able … Continue reading

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My Favorite Things

With all respect to Rodgers and Hammerstein, I don’t do white dresses with blue satin sashes. More by the way of being a list rather than a proper post, my favorite things, those things I think of or do to … Continue reading

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