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Hawk Obsession

I once said I there wasn’t a version of Hasbro’s GI Joe HAWK that I didn’t like. Turns out, I may have bent the truth there. There really ARE versions of Clayton “Hawk” Abernathy I am not overly fond of. … Continue reading

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Oh There Are Times….

Times when I wonder why I bother getting out of bed in the morning. Times I just want to run away and disappear, and maybe recreate myself completely. Times I wish I wasn’t married, wasn’t a mother, had no ties … Continue reading

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Old Age or Just Out of Shape?

I’ve mentioned before, I have been having health issues for about a year now. High Blood Pressure, anemia, dizzy spells, bladder issues. Are they because I have hit 50 and am over-weight? Is it just the weight issue? I don’t … Continue reading

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Civil Law trumps Religious Law

Normally, I don’t like to get into “discussions” on religion or politics. People all have their own opinions, which is fine….until those people start trying to interfere with my rights, as an American citizen, to follow my religion, and live … Continue reading

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