July 14th 2019

I always meant to be more faithful to this page. Really, I did. Life gets in the way sometimes, ya know?

Lately, I have been going back through some of my finished and unfinished stories. These usually started as sorta ‘movies in my head’ that I just had to get written down… or they wouldn’t go away. The problem is, sometimes the ‘actors’ in said movies are kinda obvious, so I am not sure some of them will ever be public. I don’t need to end up in court, facing someone who claims (possibly with some basis) that they are the blueprint behind this or that character in a work of fiction.

I think the coming year or two is going to be a time of quiet reflection and introspection.  Hubs and Kidling are going back to England in September. They have British passports, so they don’t need anything else. Me, I need to get a new visa. That takes time. And right now, I just don’t know if I want to. Yes, my MIL needs help; her health is not good. My mother isn’t getting any younger, either. I know my brother and his girl would keep an eye on her and take care of her as needs be, but … she is my mother. We have always been close.

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Traffic Jam!

Traffic through my home town has really increased over the years.  Saratoga Street, Columbia, and Ontario used to be the worse. They still are, but 787 beats them all these days. And certain intersections are worse today than they were before. Part of it is the increase, part of it is drivers in a flaming big hurry who forget the laws  of the road: Like NOT blocking an intersection. If you don’t think you can clear the cross street, especially at a major intersection, for the love of all that’s holy DON’T GET INTO IT! Better you get where you are going alive, then end up in a hospital or a morgue, isn’t it?

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I don’t work my paying job on Mondays. Mondays are for doctors’ appointments and things we have to schedule for in advance. Today was no different. Mom had a physical this morning…and ended up having blood work done and getting a tetanus booster (the which she is not really thrilled with me about). We also stopped off at PC to get a few things, and at the retina specialist, because of a question on a bill. We were gone maybe three hours, home by 10:30 am. The Kidling was home, awake and functional, because the husband’s UK Passport was supposed to be delivered today, and it needs to be signed for.

Notice I said “SUPPOSED TO BE” and “NEEDS TO BE”. It isn’t here yet, and it is now 7:47pm EST.  As of 8:45 this morning, it was in the courier’s possession. We didn’t get another update until almost 6 pm….and it said ” Delivery attempted; recipient not home”

EXCUSE ME? My daughter hadn’t left the house ALL DAY. So, I called customer service. Gal tells me the driver attempted to deliver it at 1pm local. I was sitting right here at this computer at that time. My computer is right next to the window that looks out on my front porch. NO HE BLOODY WELL WASN’T HERE AT 1 PM! Or at any other time during the day. So, why did the driver lie? Did he go to the wrong address? Where the hell was he really at 1 PM? My husband is fuming…and plans to turn the matter over to the State Police if it has not arrived by noon tomorrow, as suspected attempted identity theft.

This is one of the few times in the almost twenty-two years we’ve been married that my husband’s temper is running hotter than mine, and that, frankly, is a bit scary. My husband takes a legal road, and goes for recompense and scathing reviews…. they type that can cost a company a lot of business, and may land the driver in serious legal trouble.

They have until noon EST on Tuesday, May 21…. then I post the name of the company all over social media with the story.

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May 18, 2019

The “official” start of summer on the calendar is June 21. School children will go with that, because here in the US, that’s close to when their vacation starts. A lot of people claim the summer season begins with Memorial Day.

My summer season began today. This weekend in Waterford’s Canal Fest, and it’s always a fun way to kick off a season of festivals, farmer’s markets, flea markets and day trips.I forgot to take the camera with me, so I have to wait on the S.O. to send me the pictures he took on his phone. But after two weeks of almost constant rain, a family emergency last week and a ten minute nose bleed yesterday, today was a GLORIOUS day to be on or by the water. Now all I need to do is mark up my calendar for the rest of the summer! Cheap family fun, and exercise.

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Double-Edged Swords

There is so much in our world today that are really double-edged swords. One of the biggest is modern technology. Traveling great distances is no longer such a daunting prospect as it was even a century ago. The internet has brought the world closer to our own little corner of it. Having a cell phone can be a life-saver.

Yet, for all the marvels, for all the advances, for all the good things we’ve gained, we seem to have lost, or are losing, so much at the same time.

Technology seems to reduce human civility to crass levels; the internet can make it easier to harass those you disagree with. Cell phones intrude on face-to-face interactions. Video games and social media take up more time than healthier pastimes such as outdoor activities, family time, and imagination.

I’m guilty of it; I will admit. “Family time” around here can often be as disjointed as all three of us in the same room, each on our own computers.

One thing I try not to do is let go of human interaction; the face-to-face type. My job deals with the public. I have to have decent manners, comprehension,  a neat appearance, good hygiene.  I think some people are letting go of these things.

For example: walking around a store while holding a conversation on your cell phone may be something we all need to rethink. If the conversation should be personal…. let’s NOT do it in public. John Q. Public really doesn’t need to hear about your love (sex) life, your graphic health concerns, or who is going to watch your kids this weekend while you go and get plastered at the bars or some concert. No one should  be listening, you say? It’s difficult NOT to hear when you are standing right next to me. And, as a cashier, this attitude of “talk about anything anywhere” also makes my job harder. MY good manners dictate I shouldn’t interrupt a private conversation, but I need to know if you have a store card, bags, coupons, how you are paying, do you want cash back on a check or debit card, do you need (or just want) help to your car, did you find everything you were looking for, did you know this item is BOGO.  I am expected to treat my customers as human beings; I would prefer the same courtesy from my customers.  Focus on the moment. It really will help us serve  you better. You may even make a friend…an honest-to-goodness, flesh-and-blood friend.

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Being Sick, and Being Sickened

Being sickened: the idea that a White Supremacist would walk into ANY place of worship and open fire on peaceful celebrants. I should maybe be more use to this. It happens way too often here in the US. I was NOT expecting it to happen in New Zealand. Usually, when NZ hits the world stage, it is because Mother Nature has thrown them a nasty curve ball. And why did this Aussie choose to pull this crap in someone else’s yard, rather than his own?


On being sick: I am so OVER IT! I’ve lost an entire week of work, which is not good. I have lost more blood via my nose in the last five days than two donations to the Red Cross would have taken. I can’t really hear too clearly right now. I’m surprised I can breath, but it seems to be centered in my ears and throat, rather than my sinuses.  Had to send the Kidling shopping with her grandmother this morning, because no way was I leaving this house. I haven’t even left the bed for most of the day.  Had to do a load of laundry because I ran out of clean panties. That’s due to the coughing. Time for tea, I think.

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Enough Already

Alright, I surrender. I will admit I no longer have the energy, the nerves, or the energy to deal with a northern winter.  The last big storm, we couldn’t even get out, and I got a nose bleed every time I tried to help Nick shovel. No nosebleeds today, but I was so nervous coming home, I had a stress headache by the time I got here. I didn’t go above 20 miles an hour…a 15 minute drive took me half an hour, and I was convinced I wasn’t going to make it; not with the big truck that was way too close to my tail coming down Columbia, and some female deciding to make a left turn from a right turn only ramp at 787.

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