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Quick, Easy (Hot) Lunches

My .02 on quick, easy lunches, especially good when you have the kids home. 1} Grilled Cheese. Perennial favorite, easy to do, and you can change it up with provolone  Swiss  Munster, and mozzarella, as well as American. 2} Ramen Noodles. Yeah, they’re full of stuff … Continue reading

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Catching Up… Maybe

When I started this blog, I really meant to spend more time on it. I didn’t want to turn it into a political thing, because there are so many of those already out there, many written much better than I … Continue reading

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Fourteen years ago last night, hubs got a police escort home when a State Trooper saw him basically hyperventilating in the parking lot of the store he worked over-nights. Nothing was wrong with hubs; I had just called him to … Continue reading

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Hello Nemo?

So the huge winter storm, Nemo, was expected to drop about a foot of snow in my area. We got 4″. Made it easy to dig out, but it was also a bit disappointing. I get the feeling it won’t … Continue reading

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