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Sometimes, Being a Cashier Is NOT Fun

Most of my regular customers are great people. They are our neighbors, the families of friends and co-workers, co-workers themselves. We chat, we debate, we laugh, and sometimes we cry together. Today….today, I had a pair of the RUDEST people. … Continue reading

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Yard Work

In this neighborhood, we all have fairly good-sized yards. Due to weather and work hours, the lawn went untouched for three weeks. Three. WEEKS. Hubs started it yesterday, and got the inside lawn done. The front and side were still … Continue reading

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A Day Out With the Hubs

Hubby is a Ham Radio enthusiast. There are clubs for people like him. And sometimes, these clubs host family outings. Today was the picnic for the club Hubby now belongs to. I wasn’t going to make him go alone, despite … Continue reading

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