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The Eagle is Dying.

I have never been so disgusted and heartbroken over this country I grew up loving. The Administration is lying to everyone, and trying to blame former administrations. Trump pulled us out of the efforts to protect the world environment. Now, … Continue reading

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Mixed Bag

When you work in retail, be it food or stuff, the lead-up to any holiday weekend is crazy. Sometimes, it is an out-right nightmare. Especially when customers read tags wrong, or want to ‘bend’ (break) rules about item limits, coupons, … Continue reading

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Return of Hyde

I am SICK of dirty dishes, spills no one bothers to clean up after themselves, clothing laying around where it shouldn’t be, headaches, shakes, feeling like I want to punch something, or throw something, or start walking and not look … Continue reading

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Lost Saturdays

Aggravated. Jittery. Clawing at the walls, at the air, at my own face.  The pain in my head is relentless. He wants me to get a full-time job. Okay, doing what? I have been on a register for thirty-five years. … Continue reading

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