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A “WTF” Morning

On Sundays, I work from 6am to 10 or 11am. I usually enjoy it. There are usually three of us in at that time: two cashiers and a supervisor. The Night Cashier is usually still there, and makes sure the … Continue reading

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I Am Not Alright

One of the ladies in the Writing Community on Twitter routinely asks us how we are doing, including our mental health. I am not alright, Katie. I am keeping my head above water, just barely; I am having to budget … Continue reading

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Rainy Days and Sundays

Okay, so this afternoon is both. I was/am sorta antsy, so Mom and I took a walk…and of course, it was starting to rain when we walked out the door. I needed to get out. She just went to keep … Continue reading

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Enough Already

Alright, I surrender. I will admit I no longer have the energy, the nerves, or the energy to deal with a northern winter.  The last big storm, we couldn’t even get out, and I got a nose bleed every time … Continue reading

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September Roundup

Another month down. It was a fairly active one, too. We started with a trip to the Schaghticoke Fair on the first. On the eighth, it was over to Waterford for the Tug Boat Round Up (which I have no … Continue reading

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Sometimes, You Need To Go With Your Gut

Nick wants to try goat’s milk, to see if it’s easier on his stomach than cow’s milk. He found one place in the area that sells it, so he made arrangements to go today and pick some up.  We got … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2018

A day to honor those who have given the greatest sacrifice to others: they fought and died so others could live in freedom. The goal was also peace, but… As most years for the last twenty, I took Mom and … Continue reading

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Mixed Bag

When you work in retail, be it food or stuff, the lead-up to any holiday weekend is crazy. Sometimes, it is an out-right nightmare. Especially when customers read tags wrong, or want to ‘bend’ (break) rules about item limits, coupons, … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day 2018

Hubs is outside, mowing the grass that suddenly grew half a foot when we weren’t looking. Mom is off to the Brother for the weekend; a well-deserved break for her. Means we’ve had the Four-Footed One with us since Friday … Continue reading

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Attempting To Make Changes

I know there are things I need to do. A bucket list of improvements, if you will. I need to lose weight, quit smoking, increase my income, increase my energy levels, banish the migraines, get this house in some semblance of neat … Continue reading

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