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Lost Saturdays

Aggravated. Jittery. Clawing at the walls, at the air, at my own face.  The pain in my head is relentless. He wants me to get a full-time job. Okay, doing what? I have been on a register for thirty-five years. … Continue reading

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Bright sunshine, bouncing Into black shadow Ready and rearing to go Curl up into dreams of what-if and Never-was and Never-will-be   Brittle facades, patterned To hide the cracks Rote answers Deny deeper truths Falling, falling And fading  

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It Doesn’t Rain, It Snows

Almost a week with no internet. This time, we were all down. Hubs amused himself watching episodes of ANDROMEDA. The Kidling and I watched a lot of television since Friday last: SAY YES TO THE DRESS, SUPERNATURAL, and BONES, mostly. … Continue reading

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Christmas Aftermath

Once again, the Holiday Season has come, and mostly gone. I didn’t have anything under the tree for those I love that I really wanted to put there, but somehow, they were happy with what they got, anyhow. I did … Continue reading

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Dealing with My Addictions

Addictions aren’t always illegal, although they can probably all be considered health threats. There are people addicted to the internet. There are people addicted to fitness programs. My addiction isn’t so begien. I am addicted to tobacco. When I am … Continue reading

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Jumping June!

As the end of the school year approaches (or has arrived for those of you who get out earlier than we do), I find myself short on sleep, time, and money. Well, shorter on money than usual. That’s because everything … Continue reading

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A Commentary on the Rise and Fall of Paganism In Relation to the Wheel of the Year (Usually the School Year)

I originally wrote this a few years ago for an on-line message board I am on constantly. It’s that time of year again, so I decided to edit it a bit and put it here. PLEASE TO NOT OFFER TO … Continue reading

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