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Getting Ready for Halloween

It’s coming. Ghosts and ghouls and witches and black cats….. At the end of every September since I was in high school, a special Halloween store has opened at Colonie Center. Last year, it is where we got the make-up … Continue reading

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There Are Times…

There are times when I’d like to just run away and hide out in some mountain cabin (which must have heat, water/sewer, and internet, of course). There are times I wish I could kick myself in the ass and make … Continue reading

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Sandy, Samhain, and all the Rest

It’s been a busy few days. Friends in the UK and NZ have been in touch, worried about how close my family is to the mess. My aunt and uncle in Bayonne lost power, but claim to be alright…they have … Continue reading

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SAMHAIN (sow-in)

“On the day of the dead, when the year too dies…” (Susann Cooper; The Grey King; part of The Dark Is Rising series) Think you know about Samhain, which some people call Halloween? If you’ve researched the net, read a … Continue reading

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