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Some Days

Some days, I really wonder if the fight is worth it. At this point, I seem to be losing a QUARTER of my weekly paycheck to the government. And for what? If it was going for education, or to fight … Continue reading

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Madhouse, Maze, Monster Motorists, Missing Musicals, and Questionable Guilty Pleas

The store where I work is getting a major upgrade and face-lift, inside and out. You would think, with all that construction going on, people would pay more attention where they are driving/parking/walking. We have two zebra crossings in front … Continue reading

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Just Another Day

So, the refund checks are in. They won’t last long: there are bills to pay, the car needs to be inspected, and I always do a major food shop when I get the federal check. And I do mean MAJOR. … Continue reading

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A Cashier’s Rant

Usually, I actually like my job. We have a lot of regular customers. Some, I know by name, and they even recognize me away from the store. But of course, you can’t please everyone all of the time. Today was … Continue reading

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