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Perfect December Day

Yesterday was one of those cold, mostly clear, BEAUTIFUL December days I love so much.┬áMom and I almost always go together for our Christmas trees, because my tree is part of my birthday present. This year, we went to George’s … Continue reading

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Rainy Days and Sundays

Okay, so this afternoon is both. I was/am sorta antsy, so Mom and I took a walk…and of course, it was starting to rain when we walked out the door. I needed to get out. She just went to keep … Continue reading

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Mixed Bag

When you work in retail, be it food or stuff, the lead-up to any holiday weekend is crazy. Sometimes, it is an out-right nightmare. Especially when customers read tags wrong, or want to ‘bend’ (break) rules about item limits, coupons, … Continue reading

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Yard Work

In this neighborhood, we all have fairly good-sized yards. Due to weather and work hours, the lawn went untouched for three weeks. Three. WEEKS. Hubs started it yesterday, and got the inside lawn done. The front and side were still … Continue reading

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Christmas Aftermath

Once again, the Holiday Season has come, and mostly gone. I didn’t have anything under the tree for those I love that I really wanted to put there, but somehow, they were happy with what they got, anyhow. I did … Continue reading

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So, a few weeks ago, the Maternal Unit had her right foot operated on. Same reason she had the left one done a year or two ago: Not only to scrape out the arthritic build up, but to take out … Continue reading

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Death is not a true end, it is just another arc on the Spiral that is Life. Of course, that doesn’t really help with the pain those of us left behind have to deal with, usually. At the time, we … Continue reading

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I’m Melting…..

I don’t mind warm weather, in theory. I like swimming, I like light weight clothes, I like being outside. ┬áBut I can’t deal well with humidity. The older I get, the more of a problem I have with it. I … Continue reading

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One of the blogs I follow, HarsH ReaLiTy, is written by Opinionated Man… a Korean-born gent about ten years younger than I am, who was adopted young by a Caucasian couple here in the States. Sometimes, he’s caustic, and I … Continue reading

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Growing Up, Growing Old

Sometimes, there comes a time in our lives when we look at our aging parents and wonder: When did they get THAT old? I know to the day how old my mother is. She was born in 1944. She has … Continue reading

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