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Prom Night

Where has the time gone? My baby girl, my Geek Princess …. the one who was reading and UNDERSTANDING her father’s astronomy magazines at age 7…. is at her Senior Prom tonight, having fun with her friends. It wasn’t the … Continue reading

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Christmas Aftermath

Once again, the Holiday Season has come, and mostly gone. I didn’t have anything under the tree for those I love that I really wanted to put there, but somehow, they were happy with what they got, anyhow. I did … Continue reading

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This is, of course, subject to changes, additions and clarifications over time, but here are the basics: 1. You will meet at least me, if not her father, grandmother, and possibly an uncle, before the first time you pick her … Continue reading

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Mother – Daughter Relationships

I used to think I was pretty lucky to have a mother who was also my friend, even when we aren’t all that much alike in some things. Now my own daughter is in her teens, and I am incredibly … Continue reading

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Growing Things

Well, Mom got most of the garden in: corn, tomatoes, peas, and I don’t know what else. The Kidling still has to plant her basil and parsley. She put some flowers in near the flag pole. The blueberry bush is … Continue reading

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