Mother’s Day 2018

Hubs is outside, mowing the grass that suddenly grew half a foot when we weren’t looking. Mom is off to the Brother for the weekend; a well-deserved break for her. Means we’ve had the Four-Footed One with us since Friday night. At six am,  I got up with a bad cramp in my left calf; sorted the laundry; fed and walked the dog; then fed Hubs. After that, I told the Kidling she had to handle the laundry, and I went back to bed for another few hours. Now enjoying my first smoke in two days, along with a vanilla coke.  Fairly soon, I will need to start supper.

For Mother’s Day, the Kidling got me a new wallet, since my old one is falling apart, and made me a card in the shape of two of my favorite Pokemon characters. I LOVE the card. I would have liked some flowers, but you can’t have everything.

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Last night was all about high winds and rain. Today is gorgeous. Hubs had to work this morning. Kidling and I slept late, then the two of us and Mom went on a bit of a walk-about. Springfest on Remsen Street today. We window shopped. Picked up some munchies at Family Dollar on our way back. Kidling got some pictures for me. Watched a Red Tail Hawk in flight over the river. Pointed out pictures in the clouds to each other. I feel pretty good right now… and I never had a smoke  until 3 pm!

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Infinity War (NO SPOILERS)

So, the long-awaited day finally arrived. Hubs had gotten our tickets ahead of time, we arrived early, and were the first in line for our showing, so we got our favorite seats. I really wanted to see the entire scene one of the trailers was taken from… and wouldn’t you know it, but my bladder had other ideas?!

Two and a half hours later, I am glad we saw it in the theater, although the experience was not quite as it has been in the past. Some guy actually had a little girl of about TWO years old there…if she was that old. Honestly, I wanted to kick him in the head. A child that young shouldn’t be subjected to the sound level of a movie  like ‘Infinity War’, nor expected to sit in a stroller for that length of time without being able to react. The actors, as always, rocked it. There were a few bits I really didn’t see coming. Enough laughs, and the prerequisite cameo by Mr Stan Lee.

I will, however, spend the next few days dealing with the reactions. Well, mine and the daughter’s. I don’t think i will impact hubs greatly one way or the other.  Those who know my daughter, and who her favorites are, and have seen the movie already, will know what I mean, I think.

So, we are home. Kidling is working on her final project for one of her courses; Hubs is making supper; and I am about to go watch Hooded Cobra Commander 788’s newest toy review…on the 1983 DR. MINDBENDER (who always reminded me more of a circus strongman more than a warped mad scientist type).

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Return of Hyde

I am SICK of dirty dishes, spills no one bothers to clean up after themselves, clothing laying around where it shouldn’t be, headaches, shakes, feeling like I want to punch something, or throw something, or start walking and not look or turn back. I am sick of the piles of shit in this house with no place to put things away… and I don’t even know why we have some of this crap. I fucking HATE mice. I hate being told needing one or two glasses of wine a night, nearly as soon as you are in the door, isn’t a form of addiction.

Think I will rent a skip and just start emptying out the entire house… this apartment, the attic, the basement…..nothing that belongs to the mother or brother; just the crap that belongs to the three of us who can’t seem to get our shit together enough to have real lives.

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Attempting To Make Changes

I know there are things I need to do. A bucket list of improvements, if you will. I need to lose weight, quit smoking, increase my income, increase my energy levels, banish the migraines, get this house in some semblance of neat order, prune dead wood… you get the picture.

Now we are down to one car, I have been taking the bus. Mostly just after work. The nearest stop to our place is roughly 10 blocks away (on the other side of the river). My legs are feeling the burn. The walk will either help me lose weight and get in shape, or it will kill me.

The last time I was at the doctor’s office, her scale had me at 235 lbs…. about 90 pounds too heavy. I just got on the scale in the basement. It has me at 219. That’s a 14 pound difference in about 3 months. I won’t complain about it.

I am trying to eat healthier… which is expensive, but not as hard as it could be, since I can’t eat most pre-prepped foods without triggering one of my migraines.  I am not into fad diets. Most of them, to me, don’t even resemble healthy, balanced nutrition. I am human; my body has evolved to be omnivorous.  Fruits, veg, grains, AND meat. I just wish they’d stop adding chemicals to every damn thing you find in the average grocery store.  Example: Coca~Cola has new flavors for their diet soda. Mom and I tried them. I really liked the taste…. but ended up with a miserable migraine within the hour. When I checked the can…aspartame and acesulfame potassium. Aspartame and I have NEVER been friends. Acesulfame potassium, or Ace-K, I hadn’t really heard of, so I looked. It’s formed  by the transformation of an organic intermediate, acetoacetic acid, and its combination with the naturally occurring mineral, potassium. Acetoacetic acid. Yeah, although all the studies show this is a safe and stable zero-calorie sweetener, I think I will pass. It can occur ‘normally’ in the human body, but I am thinking that isn’t a good thing.

As far as the smoking: yeah, I am clinging to that  vice. It beats the Jekyll  and Hyde episodes that happen when a strong craving hits. And it might be all in my head, but I am calmer and can focus more on some things when I am smoking.

I know, I know…. I quit smoking, I retain more income.  Catch-22.

And then there’s the house. We have a new toilet, thanks to Al and Mary. New sub-floor under it, too. No option not doing that. I stayed out of the way, and let them get to it. She has the engineering degree, he has the experience, and they work well together.

Well, so I will start with the 219 weight, keep track of what I am eating/drinking, and find my pedometer so I can figure out how many steps a day I am walking. We’ll see what happens.

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When It Rains…

It really pours. We’ve been down to one car for a month or two now, and are managing. Now, the Escape needs a brake job… a second brake job. One line was replaced Wednesday last, the other is being done this Wednesday. Friday morning, the toilet got plugged. I don’t know what fell into it before Nick made his morning visit, but the brother said it is something solid. The brother and his lady were here most of yesterday: the toilet and the tub have to be replaced before they both go through the floor into the basement.  They know what they are doing. They were going to do it today…but the brother is one sick pup today, so we wait….and run upstairs when we need to.

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There’s Always One

This is a rant, pure and simple.

I work with the public. That means dealing with a wide variety of personalities, not all of them pleasant. But I would honestly say, that for every hundred customers I deal with, there is only ONE I wish would never come to my line again. Even then, most of the time I can just shrug it off and go on about my day.

This is a holiday weekend. Passover starts tonight, and Easter is Sunday. We are busy.  I had one of my headaches by 8am. I was still doing just fine, despite being on Express: joking with my customers and co-workers, pulling a small order from another line if I had no one in mine. I had a lady with two separate orders, both under 15 items. One was hers, one was her aunt’s. I had no problem with that. She’s hardly the only one who shops for someone else. The guy in line behind her is NEVER exactly pleasant to deal with. Today, he had me so upset, I was shaking. He started in on the customer, on me… turned the air blue with some of his comments to both of us, too. I had to call a supervisor over to get me off the register for a few minutes, so I could calm down.  He pissed me off royally, and I really wanted to haul off and punch him in the mouth.  This is the same guy who has been told before he cannot use an express register when he has a full-sized order. He is crude, rude, nasty, and a pain in the ass.

Luckily, I have the weekend to forget about this abrasive jerk. But he’ll be back, and I will have to deal with him again.

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