Veterans Day

I remember once upon a time that everything STOPPED at 11am on November 11th. Even in the shops, we all paused and bowed our heads in honor of those who served.

Not anymore. Had I tried this morning, I’d have gotten a write-up at the very least.

We aren’t supposed to forget. Yet we do. Time and time and time again, the sacrifices that have gone before are forgotten, discounted, People only care about themselves.

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Doing Something Right

Doctor’s appointment today. Just my every-three-month check on my blood pressure and diabetes. I was curious how well the weight loss is going.

I lost 30 pounds in the last three months! For the first time in over twenty years, I am UNDER 200 pounds. That has given me an emotional booster, and have me considering dancing again. I had already noticed the fit of my clothes changing, and my energy levels, and the fact my back, hips, and knees don’t give me as much trouble. Nothing is perfect, but I AM doing better.

And I am not really doing anything radical. I cut back on refined sugars and pre-prepped foods. I watch the salt content of what I eat. Some of the snacks I opt for these days are gluten-free. I walk. I stretch.

30 pounds in three months. I am LOVING it!

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What A Week!

Sometimes, “upgrades” don’t feel like an improvement, and Mother Nature throws curve balls.

On Monday night, we got new software for the registers. The changes are most noticeable on the EZ Scans, because we aren’t supposed to use the Attendant’s Station for anything anymore. We have to go to each unit to fix problems, teach customers how to search for their own card number and produce codes, and ring in paper bags for their order. Tuesday, we got hit with a brief but hellacious storm that knocked out the power…. and screwed up all credit/debit/benefit lines as well as the search lines for the cards and Reward Point program.

We did not close. We were up and running on generators from 4pm Wednesday to 3pm Thursday. Everyone else in the area was closed, but for those 23 hours, we kept going.

On Thursday, I went up the hill early to get my paycheck, make a payment on my Spectrum bill, and get some cigarettes well before I needed to punch in for work. D asked me to punch in early… and I can rarely say no to him. I knew the issues caused by power outages and downed info-lines were giving everyone a hard time. So I punched in at 11:30am…… and by noon, I was ready to run out screaming. Finally got a break at 3pm. I was still ready to just pack it in, but I wouldn’t do that to D or B.

The storm made a mess in the park, but clearing that is low priority to getting roads cleared, and power restored. And I understand the Bike Path is in worse shape. You can safely walk through the park…. there were apparently spots on the Path you could not.

Gotta love living in the northeast. It is rarely boring!

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The Spooky Season begins. And such a beginning! I have lived in this house for the majority of the last 50 years. We have had squirrels and birds in the attic; mice; snakes in the basement; skunks and possums rooting in the yard, and groundhogs living under the shed. I have seen eagles, hawks, herons, gulls, ducks, geese, and various songbirds (including humming birds) flying around. There have always been deer on the golf course, and one year, even a young moose.

This year, there have been two animals spotted in my neighborhood I don’t recall EVER seeing so close to home ever before: chipmunks and racoons. Not to say they haven’t been here; just that I have never, in 50 years, seen them in this city. I tried to get pictures…. a chipmunk outside of the podiatrist’s office last week. Last night, a raccoon climbed the telephone/light pole outside the window by my desk. Neither picture came out. I will try again.

Looks like while we humans are dealing with Covid and elections, Mother Nature may be making a bid to reclaim the entire world.


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Further Adventures of A and J (Grafton Lakes 27 September 2020)

Bones of the Earth

With everything that did NOT happen this summer, (Canal Fest, Steamboat Rally, Tugboat Roundup,etc etc) I REALLY needed to get away from the city, from the people, and go somewhere green and at least a little wild. I didn’t have to work at all this weekend, so Mom and I have been planning all week. We decided to hit Grafton Lakes State Park, and walk some trails.

We got there… eventually. I was in the wrong lane going up Hoosick Street and missed my turn. We ended up in North Bennington. Mom spotted a sign for 7 South, so we figure… head home, stop for lunch on the way. Nope… we were on VERMONT 7 south, not New York 7, and heading for MASSACHUSETTS! That will teach me to use the damn GPS. Stopped and asked for directions. (Bless you, ma’am!)

Finally got back to familiar territory, spotted where I should have turned, and asked Mom if she still wanted to go to Grafton.

We only walked about a mile, but I sooooooo needed to be there. Got some decent pictures, recharged myself a bit, grabbed subs on the way home.

I swear Mom and I together on a road trip…. JINXED!

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September 28, 2020

Today, Nick is 57. Daddy would have been 81. I hate not being able to spend time with either of them.

I wasn’t really planning to go out for long today. Neither Mom or I needed to shop, so I slept late. I forgot I was out of Coke Zero… and I needed gas in the car. Mom wanted to go to The Dollar Tree… thought I could get my soda there… Nope. Then she says she was going to ask if we could go to Saratoga, to visit Dad’s grave for his birthday. Okay, not a problem. Wish she’d brought it up before we left the house, since I left my smokes home. We stopped on the way up for flowers, and my soda. Stopped on the way down for McDonald’s, and went and ate in the park. Now I need to do laundry.

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Personal Changes

  When I started doing the yard work at the beginning of this summer, I knew I had to do it. There really wasn’t anyone else. When I finished one task… just ONE, be it the mowing, the edging, the hedges… all I could do for at least two hours after was sit and drink water. My legs hurt, my back hurt, my arms felt like they were shaking apart.
   I don’t feel like that now. Four months later, I can finish one thing, sit for a half an hour, and go on with what I need to do. Yeah, I am still a little tired out and hot and sweaty, but I don’t ache. I will be able to finish my laundry after mowing the lawn. I may even do the edging. That will leave Saturday afternoon for the hedges and roses, and weeding a bit.
   Positive change. Between January and July, I lost about fifty pounds. FIFTY! After years of fighting to lose any at all. For the first time in YEARS, I am wearing my own wedding set, instead of wearing my great-grandmother’s wedding band as a place holder. I have more energy. I am, for the most part, sleeping better. I’ve had less really bad migraines in the last nine months than in a single month before that time. I am walking more often. Taking pictures. Trying to catch up on projects I didn’t have the energy or inclination to deal with before.

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Winding Down The Year

Lughnasadh has passed, Mabon draws close. This entire year has felt so out-of-wack! The only thing that seems to be going well for me…. I am FINALLY losing weight. About 50 pounds since the start of the year… and yesterday, for the first time in years, I was able to put on my own wedding set, rather than wear Great-Grandma Rozalia’s as a place holder.

I miss my husband and daughter. I miss the canal festivals and county fairs that have been canceled. I miss hugs. I miss going places.

And I HATE this new set-up on WordPress.

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July and Still Crazy

I am over-heated, disgusted, depressed, aggravated, sore, and stressed. I miss my husband and daughter. I miss having places to go and things to do that are fun. I need a vacation… someplace cool and green and shady, with either a laughing brook or a peaceful mountain lakeshore. I need to be able to tune out for a while.

Can’t really do much about the heat issue. It is just hot, and often muggy, and being under the lights in the store doesn’t help. The mask doesn’t help, either, although I can breathe just fine with it on.

Disgusted and aggravated … that has mostly to do with the large number of unthinking, selfish assholes out there who won’t wear a mask/won’t wear a mask properly (IT BELONGS OVER YOUR NOSE AND MOUTH, IDIOT!), claim they forgot about policies we have had in effect since the beginning of  MARCH, and have the nerve to  bitch at us for things we need to do because it inconveniences them. Well, guess what, morons? We ain’t all that thrilled to have to clean everything down between every customer. We get tired of having to remind you to keep the distance in line.

Stressed, depressed, missing my husband and daughter, places to go/things to do…. that’s a whole big knot of negative emotions, no release options, and absolutely NOTHING to look forward to. All the festivals on the canal: canceled. All the county fairs: canceled. Other countries are closing their borders to the US because we have the highest number of Covid19 cases. I cannot go to England, and they cannot come here… because they wouldn’t be allowed to go back there afterward.

I really do try to keep a positive attitude, but sometimes it is just really, really difficult. The pandemic has been mishandled since the start. 52 years after Martin Luther King was murdered for pushing for equal rights for people of color, we are STILL having to fight for things that should be automatic in a society that claims to be about “Liberty, Justice, and Freedom for ALL”.

I need a break, someplace cool and green and shady, with a laughing brook or a serene mountain lakeshore.

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Tired and Worried

I am tired of having to follow extra rules to keep my coworkers, family, and customers safe… when there are so many who don’t seem to give a damn about anyone but themselves. This is NOT “the flu”. Science understands the flu and how it attacks the human system. Right now, they still don’t fully understand Covid19. And it took twenty years to identify the virus that causes the flu and develop effective inoculations for it.

I am worried about my mental health. This time of year, I am usually looking at my calendar with anticipation, because nearly every weekend would have some event that would have me outside. This year, everything has been canceled. I can walk the trails at Five Rivers, but I can’t go see the animals and displays in the buildings.

And I am worried about many of my customers, coworkers, and friends. They are Black, Hispanic, white and Asian… male and female. Some of them are homosexual. I told K, who is both Black and a Queen, that I am worried about him. This area is not always the quietest, open-minded of places.

A friend and I were discussing police. We both know many officers personally. C said she thought they were all good people. I told her I knew a few that I would trust with my life: I am a white female. But I would not be too surprised to learn a few of them had used excessive force on people who do not look, speak, dress or believe as they do.

I am also sick of the useless piece of lying shit sitting in the White House, who has proven time and time again he can’t handle leadership. He hasn’t LED.

And I thought the world was going mad when I started this blog? It’s spiralling out of control.

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