A “WTF” Morning

On Sundays, I work from 6am to 10 or 11am. I usually enjoy it. There are usually three of us in at that time: two cashiers and a supervisor. The Night Cashier is usually still there, and makes sure the Sunday papers are out and ready for the 6am opening. I take care of vacuuming the two entrances.

This morning, I got there a bit early. First thing I realize: no Night Cashier. The newspapers are still in bundles in a cart. So, I punch in early so I can get the papers out. I have to sign off on some ‘reminder’ sheets, which are kept with the floor plans. I expect the supervisor to be a little late; she’s got two little ones and will be in by quarter after. No problem there.

There’s no second cashier listed. WHAT? There are also two call-outs already, one being one of the 7am cashiers. Oh joy.

I didn’t look at the second sheet. We have self-scan stations, and BB was due in for 6am for THAT. We don’t usually open them that early. So when BB came in, she opened the register assigned to the 7am girl who called out. Supervisor coomes in, we get the papers out, and I get the vacuuming done.

By 6:45am, all three of us are on register with lines. Honestly? It’s not a holiday weekend, so what the devil is going on? We’re supposed to get another cashier at 7:30, and two more at 8am. 7:30 comes and goes, and the associate who is supposed to be there hasn’t shown up… one of our other co-workers has opened another register to help deal with the lines.

It NEVER let up. We had associates who were on schedule for other jobs on register to keep the lines down. At 10:15, I snag the second Supervisor, and tell him I leave at 11, and haven’t had a break. He shut me down for my break, then I covered the the 7am who showed, and then I covered the first 8am who came in. I told the second Supervisor after that (it was 11am) that I adore him, but I was out of there, and going home to hide.

I still haven’t figured out why it was so busy so EARLY.

About Mad Annie, Bronwyn, Ann

I am a wife.mother, writer, cashier (hey, it helps pay the bills), Pagan who sometimes thinks too much. A jackie of all trades and mistress of none
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