Coronavirus Part 3… or Maybe Not

I keep telling myself than humankind has a lot to be said for it. We have all the advances in the sciences, in literature, in complex communications, art, music…

and I am still looking at the fact that, as a species, we are the most evil lifeform to walk the face of this planet.

During the madness surrounding this pandemic, I have seen hope and joy shared and people coming together to try to lighten each other’s spirits and loads. I have ALSO seen the worst aspects of human nature: one of our cashiers had her wallet stolen as she was shopping after her shift today; one of our managers stopped someone trying to just walk out with a cartload of energy drinks and alcohol; the delusional old bitch that I refused to wait on last week was back in my line today, still spewing her ignorance; a few people I consider good, intelligent people telling me I don’t have a right to condemn or criticize Trump for the way he has and is handling things (MIS-handling things, people! For the love of the gods, OPEN YOUR EYES!)

There are at least twelve members of my extended family currently working in medical professions, mostly RNs. Tell one of THEM things aren’t as bad as all that, and that we don’t need social distancing. You want to bitch at me because you have to wait TWO MINUTES TOPS while I clean down my register between customers? Go tell someone who will listen. My hands are red and chapped from the cleaner, and it isn’t me I am worried about here; it is the rest of my customers, and my mother at home, and my co-workers. Pissed because you can’t hang with your friends, getting drunk and acting like total idiots because you’re so damn convinced YOU won’t get it? Stop being such SELFISH FUCKING MORONS. I don’t care if YOU get it. I don’t want your parents, grandparents, younger siblings, etc..etc… getting it from you!

I am tired, and disgusted by certain politicians, and buoyed by some of the brighter lights around me. And I miss hugs. I can’t hug my mom, my husband, my daughter, my friends, my co-workers, my favorite customers…. not until we manage to stop Covid 19 and get our world back.

About Mad Annie, Bronwyn, Ann

I am a wife.mother, writer, cashier (hey, it helps pay the bills), Pagan who sometimes thinks too much. A jackie of all trades and mistress of none
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