Coronavirus Pandemic, Panic, and Paper Products

Pandemic: Adj. (pertaining to disease) prevalent in an entire country or the world.
So, yes, Coronavirus is a pandemic. Hardly the only one, but it is the newest to hit the radar of public awareness. In many ways, it is similar to the flu: dry cough, high fever, muscle ache. It attacks the respiratory system. the CDC and WHO have advised staying out of crowded conditions, getting tested if you have been exposed to the virus, keeping hydrated, and washing your hands…A LOT. CDC has said you should be prepared for a 14 day quarantine: meds, food, ect.. on hand. Colleges, lower schools, concerts, sporting events etc… have been canceled to try to prevent or at least slow the spread rate. 

Okay, so far, that all makes sense and is fairly straightforward. Personally, I believe you should ALWAYS have two weeks of supplies on hand, if at all possible.

But people seem incapable of handling the mere IDEA of such occurrences. I work in a grocery store. In the past few days, we have been crowded, wiped out, and witnessed some of the stupidest (IMO) responses to what is going on. People are stockpiling far more than they need for two weeks. Store shelves are emptied almost as fast as they are being stocked. (A family of TWELVE shouldn’t need 3 or 4 24-count packs of toilet paper for two weeks! That’s like 6 rolls PER DAY!) We had one person try to walk off with an open bottle of hand sanitizer that is kept in our pharmacy for employees there… you know, the people who deal with people on medications on a daily basis, and really need the hygiene ro protect their customers and themselves?

My mother and I, our neighbor T and my friend K all tend to do our regular shopping early on Saturday mornings, because we have other things to do later in the day, and three of us still work. Knowing what it’s been like, I suggested to Mom we go a little earlier today. We got to the store about 6:45 this morning… and the lot was already half full. The night cashier was already on over-time, and she and the first cashier in this morning had lines like we tend only to have right before a major holiday. I didn’t have a big list, but half of what I had on it, I couldn’t get, because we were sold out. They opened the deli counter early. By the time I was ready to cash out, both supervisors had arrived and were on register, and one of the 4-unit EZ scans was opened. (I used the EZ scan). I knew Mom had more shopping to do. So, I asked the supervisors if they wanted me to punch in for fifteen minutes to half an hour, and help with the lines. I couldn’t bear the see them so hammered! They were glad to have me. I never turned on my light; never ‘officially” opened the line, but I still managed to ring out about fifteen orders (including both K and T) I know they sent out an SOS to our FES and CSM, and I hope there was more help coming… I couldn’t stay any longer, and the night cashier also had to leave to get to her other job. There are huge areas of empty shelves: paper goods, cleaning products, meat, pasta…. and by this afternoon, I imagine there will be no eggs, milk, soup, rice, or bread left.

This isn’t Armageddon people!

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I am a wife.mother, writer, cashier (hey, it helps pay the bills), Pagan who sometimes thinks too much. A jackie of all trades and mistress of none
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1 Response to Coronavirus Pandemic, Panic, and Paper Products

  1. TJ Fox says:

    We weren’t quite that bad here, but we also don’t have the number of cases in our area. It was still stunning to see our local store’s parking lot absolutely full. I’ve never seen it like that. I will say that, for the most part, it looked like people were being reasonable and respectful in what the bought. There were empty spots on the shelves and some areas that were low, but no one type of thing was completely wiped out (though I didn’t go into the paper products aisle, so that may not have been the case on the TP).

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