New Product Review

So, Thomas’ has a new item on the shelves: Pick Me Ups/ soft baked oatmeal squares. Since my favorite store had them on sale, ant they had coupons to boot, Mom and I grabbed them this morning. So far, I’ve only seen two flavors: Trail Mix and Chocolate Chip. I got the Trail Mix; Mom got the chocolate chip. I am always looking for snacks that aren’t going to mess with my health issues. Well, these shouldn’t. There’s no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or high fructose corn syrup. 13g of whole grains, 6g of fiber. The individual servings are a little over an ounce. But ya know what? That was enough. And the Trail Mix, which includes pumpkin seeds, cranberries, chocolate chips and sunflower seeds, ALSO took care of the sweet tooth. I’m good now for another few hours.

About Mad Annie, Bronwyn, Ann

I am a wife.mother, writer, cashier (hey, it helps pay the bills), Pagan who sometimes thinks too much. A jackie of all trades and mistress of none
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