Jaunary 31, 2017

It’s rare when I can’t come up with some bit o’ fluff ramble; some light daydream to scribble down.

This weekend, I couldn’t do it. I could barely write a blog post. I’ve been depressed, distressed, and disgusted the past few days. Mostly by Trump, and Bannon. (And just who the hell IS Bannon? What is his official title? What are his qualifications?) I am afraid for my daughter’s future, when a man who brags about sexually harassing women is in the Oval Office. Yes, I worry about Mom, me and Nick; but we are older. Meriah’s future is much longer, or should be. So I worry more for her. I am her mother: my child’s future is more important to me.

Sunday was a study in contrasts. We had the TV on all day, watching the Telethon for the Center for the Disabled. A great display of people who care about other people, if they know them or not, and a community joining together to help. I’ve seen that sense of community in the 518 so often, and it’s always made me proud: People supporting the children, the pets, those who have suffered or are suffering through no fault of their own.

And on the other end of the spectrum, Trump’s ban on people traveling here from certain predominately Muslim countries. He mentioned 9/11 several times…. but none of the 9/11 terrorists came from the countries under ban. He has no hard evidence of a threat from these banned countries. If he wants to cite 9/11, then why isn’t Saudi Arabia on the ban? 15 of the terrorists from 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia. Ah….. but Trump has business ties with Saudi Arabia, and several other countries in that same area of the world, but NOT with the countries he listed.  He said refugees and immigrants need to be vetted. Yes, I agree. But to detain and deny people who already have Green Cards, and Permanent Residency Visas? They HAVE already been vetted! Several put their lives on the line, and the safety of their families, to help US Troops on foreign soil.. And you DO NOT handcuff a five year old child, separate that child from family, and hold him alone and probably terrified for several hours! You don’t pressure people who are just starting to learn English to sign paperwork they don’t understand, not allow them legal counsel…. and steal their rights. That is unethical, inhumane, barbaric and unlawful. It is what I would expect of the radical Islamic enemy, not my own country. I had hoped that my country had learned from its mistakes of earlier conflicts (WWII and Vietnam spring to mind).

Ah, but wait. I am learning not to expect good ethics,humanity, intelligence or sanity from the current regime. Trump has slapped gag orders on agencies because they report facts he doesn’t agree with. He fired Sally Gates because she knew her job better than he cared that she should: her job was NOT to rubber-stamp his multitude of Executive Orders. His actions and reactions are not those of a mature, intelligent adult; they are the temper tantrums of a spoiled brat being told ‘No.’

And people are okay with it! They see nothing wrong with his random targets, citing the list came from Obama. These are the same people who claimed Obama wasn’t doing his job, and had a hidden agenda. I am expected to believe that NOW Trump and co. trust Obama’s judgement enough to act on a list e compiled? Or has that claim been made in an effort to shut up those of us who are questioning it?

No, I will NOT shut up. I can’t. For the sake of my country, which I love, and my daughter’, who is my biggest reason for forcing myself to deal with the ugly in this world; I CANNOT be silent, or stop questioning. For the legacy of the women who came before me: demanding the vote, demanding the right to control our own bodies, demanding equality…. I CANNOT be silent or stop questioning. For my daughter’s future in a world that seems uglier every time I turn around, and one she may well end up forced to face alone… I CANNOT be silent or stop questioning.



About Mad Annie, Bronwyn, Ann

I am a wife.mother, writer, cashier (hey, it helps pay the bills), Pagan who sometimes thinks too much. A jackie of all trades and mistress of none
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2 Responses to Jaunary 31, 2017

  1. First – I’d like to say that I too have been having a problem with getting to the computer and writing. Sometimes, months will go by before I actually sit down and write. It could be depression. It could be laziness, or it could be the fact that I have a cast on my right hand and it makes it very difficult to type on the keyboard.

    Second – I have been reading more than writing and I read your post and thought, “Hmm… Someone with a single view of recent events.” I felt obligated to share my own view. Before I begin, let me say that I found a draft copy of Trumps Executive Order and read through it. No where in that order did it call for a BAN on a religion or specific group traveling to and from these countries. It’s for “Restrictions” and a temporary hold of 120 days so we can get a proper Vetting process put in place. As it stands right now, Obama’s process of asking folks if they are terrorists just doesn’t seem to be working so Trump wants us to find a better way.

    It’s kinda’ like having a leak in your water main. The water main being our boarders and the leak of water being people who are flowing through it. Would you yell at the plumber for turning off the water main while he fixed the leak? Of course not. That’s just how it works. Same is true here. Trump wants to stop the flow of people coming into the country until he can get a fix on the issue. He proposed a 4 month delay in this process. Is that really something for Senator Schumer to cry about? Is this really what has you worried for your children and grandchildren?

    What has me worried for my family is how easily ISIS terrorists have been coming into this country and killing our citizens. This travel restriction is not meant to show hatred on anyone. It isn’t meant to single out one race of people. It’s to keep control of our boarders and also to keep Americans safe. (That is suppose to be the Government’s First Priority)

    Before Dzhokhar Tsarnaev set off those pressure cooker bombs in Boston – he and his brother Tamerlan traveled to these “hot spots” (as so named by the Obama administration) where they picked up training and indoctrination and then returned back to carry out that training. Had we had travel restrictions in place in back then, it would have been noticed they were traveling to these places and something could have been done about it. We “probably” could have stopped the event from ever happening. The same is true with the Orlando Pulse Club shooter and the San Bernardino shooting. All of them traveled to these known hot spots for indoctrination and training before carrying out their heinous events. All of these problems; and more, simply because of our porous boarders and shabby immigration policy that was in effect. Now that Donald Trump is doing something about it, there is outrage?
    No. I voted for Donald Trump to see these things happen and even though it may inconvenience some folks overseas: I feel much safer. Even though AKMED and Khaleed are sad that their cousins and Aunts & Uncles are being delayed from entering the United States, I feel gratitude towards Donald Trump for helping to make sure my family is safe.The travel restrictions now in place could be stopping a future travesty. So if you’re worried for your future and your family – ask the family members of those who were killed in Boston, Orlando and San Bernardino how they feel about these restrictions. I’m willing to bet they wish these restrictions were in place four years ago.

    Sunday you had the TV on all day.
    You were listening to a media that hates Trump. You were listening to a biased report of what the truth is. If you don’t know who Steve Bannon is then you’re probably getting your news from the wrong source. Do a little research on the subject of this country’s immigration policies, starting with the Immigration Act of 1924. Learn about the “GREAT PAUSE” (a forty year hold on immigration from 1925 to 1965). Instead of listening to NBC, CBS and ABC do some research for information. Turn off Mark Zuckerberg’s comments and Matt Damon’s PSA and listen to those who know this country and how it works. Don’t just read slanted news like FOX, MSNBC or Brietbart or Huffington Post. Read ALL news. Get both sides of the story in order to find the truth. This country is tearing itself in half and if we allow this media to dominate us with propaganda and edited sound bites then we’ll never learn what is truly happening in our country. Unless of course you’re a mushroom and enjoy living in the dark and eating the manure that is fed to you.

    • I love you, Stitch; I do. Have for close to 40 years. Even when we disagree.

      Both Trump and his press secretary called it a BAN repeatedly. They began that, not me or the media. If it is not worded in that manner in the draft, my question would be how it changed from draft to final product. People who were detained or sent back out of the country included people who have already gone through the vetting process. It can take six months to six years to get Green Cards and Residency Visas. This is something I DO know about, having an immigrant husband. And you STILL do NOT handcuff a child of five, and hold his separated from his family for ANY length of time, let alone hours.
      Timothy McVeigh had no ties to Islamic extremists.
      Sunday, I had a TELETHON on. We did not watch the news much. I tend to watch Channel 10 for local stuff. For national and world, I have a few online sites which are not mainstream American…. because I was questioning that long before Obama first took office.
      I urge you to take a GOOD look at Trump’s cabinet nominations and his choice for the highest court in the land. Don’t trust me, or any single source. Research them yourself. They are worse than un-qualified, they are the exact OPPOSITE of the type of people needed in the positions for which Trump has nominated them.

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