September 19, 2016

Doctor’s appointment today. Just my quarterly check on the BP, weight, lungs. I have, I believe, actually lost weight over the summer. Not much, and it followed a period where I had ballooned up again, so right now I am still far too damn fat. Yeah, I could go to a gym…but that’s money I really don’t have to spare, and a location and activity I have absolutely NO interest in. I never have had. The skinny-assed little upper-class bitches in most of those places make me sick. The BP is holding. Still a bit on the high side of normal range, but it IS in normal range. We talked about the migraines. She wasn’t pleased when I said I am still getting one or two a week…but that is down from 5 or 6. We discussed treatments…but I have already tried most of what is out there, and the prescription drugs and I DO NOT get along. I’ll stick to Excedrin Migraine, and weeding out the triggers.

Too bad the rest of the day wasn’t so…neutral, let alone positive. I swear, I washed every dish we own this morning. I had to go up to Mom’s to take a shower, because Meriah left out bathroom like a swamp after hers this morning. I ordered Meriah’s Senior Portraits, and put gas in the Pathfinder. I have been dizzy and light-headed most of the day. I don’t WANT to do anything else today. I still HAVE to cook supper, walk with Mom later, finish the laundry from yesterday, wash TONIGHT’S dishes

I think there is a storm moving in. My head is starting to feel as if it is caught in a vise. Which means I am so screwed about the laundry, because I don’t have enough space to hang it all INSIDE, I can’t hang it OUTSIDE in the rain, and neither dryer in the basement is running…. I think Mom’s just needs a new belt, because it generates heat, but the tumbler doesn’t move. Mine… well, mine was Nauna’s. It died of old age..

There are times I come up with all these ideas of how to change things around….then I realize I will NEVER try any of them. Because every time I DO, in a few days, people around me have it all moved again and back to looking like a pigsty. I quit.

About Mad Annie, Bronwyn, Ann

I am a wife.mother, writer, cashier (hey, it helps pay the bills), Pagan who sometimes thinks too much. A jackie of all trades and mistress of none
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