Schaghticoke Fair 2016

Another great day at the fair! In the last thirty-five years, I have missed maybe six Schaghticoke Fairs. Some years with friends, mostly with family, and never much time on the midway…I love the displays and foods and sounds and smells…

This year, it was me, Hubs, the Kidling, and Mom. Because of the surgery on her foot back in July, we borrowed a wheelchair (THANKS PHIL!) for Mom. The Kidling pushed her around most of the day.Meriah and Grammie by the Wishing WellOf course, there are certain “requirements” for a trip to Schaghticoke Fair. Steamed clams for lunch from Antonio’s. Fried bread dough from the Hoosick Valley Booster Club. Watching at least some of the 4-H riding events. Dean Davis was there again this year. I noticed some of the long-term buildings had better set-ups this year: easier to navigate, clearer progressions. Of course, we made a stop at the Veteran’s Building. They have a new flag display and sitting area on the same side as the handicapped ramp.

IMG_2303Getting both the US flag and the POW flag fully unfurled meant a lot to me.

Like I said, this year, Hubs was home to go with us. The first time in five years, I think.

Annie and Nick September 3, 2016 Daughter-FatherIt was a beautiful day; not too warm, but sunny. I love this time of year! Last weekend, the Kidling and I went to Enchanted City, a Steampunk Festival, for the first time. black wings 2 bling Bllue Fairy Candy Fairy Steam Punk Lady #1Next weekend is the Tugboat Round-Up. Looking forward to that! And the Kidling starts her SENIOR year of high school this Wednesday! Where did the last 17 years GO?

Fried Dough and Country Music

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  1. oldwolfmcmlxiii says:

    3 yrs not 5 ……….

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