On Turning Cartoons and Comics into Movies

On the FB GI JOE Discussion page, we got into a conversation about something Channing Tatum said about Rise of Cobra, the live-action movie about GI Joe… a movie most long-term, diehard Joe fans hold in varying degrees of disdain.

Channing Tatum never should have been cast as Duke. Period. That said, the entire script basically sucked, from the standpoint of what Joe fans were hoping to see…or, at least, THIS Joe fan. I was looking for my favorite Joes brought to life with the same characterizations I loved from the cartoons, and mixed with some of the comic cannon. It did NOT happen. Now Hasbro is bringing out JEM and the Holograms… and from the teasers and trailers so far… it is going to be the same major disappointment the two Joe movies were.

Which leads me to look at some other movies I’ve seen based on cartoon/comic properties, and how well they did or didn’t work.

Of course, the big ones are the Marvel series…the original X-Men movies I wasn’t as fond of “FIrst Class”; to me, it didn’t follow what I recalled as cannon. It was still not a total failure as a movie. The Spiderman movies, the Batman movies… sometimes a bit stale, since it seemed they remade the same story more than once… but the heroes and villans remained recognizable from the cartoons and the comics.

Even the Casper movies did alright. They had the elements right, and the animation worked.

And I figured out: THIS is where Hasbro failed. They didn’t stick to the cannon of their own creation. In an attempt to make something bigger, they let writers have a basic outline, and a list of names, and let them go. And it STANK. And they are doing the same thing with JEM. There are fanfictions out there that are better written than the scripts they gave us; building on cannon and sticking to the characterizations we’ve known.

I think they are getting confused with their target audience. If these movies are meant for those  of us who grew up with the franchises, they need to stick closer to cannon. If they are targeting some other group… then they need to move completely away from the characters we remember and love.

About Mad Annie, Bronwyn, Ann

I am a wife.mother, writer, cashier (hey, it helps pay the bills), Pagan who sometimes thinks too much. A jackie of all trades and mistress of none
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